Friday, June 23, 2017

There and back again & again

At Beatrix Potters house
Family in the garden

 We did a lot of traveling during May and June.  We enjoyed a vacation in England, our first in many years, visiting son Daniel and his wife Melanie.  We toured a bit as well and got properly tired but happy!

London Bridge

Cambridge American Cemetary
The Jester in Stratford on Avon
International Christian Fellowship
After a brief time to get over jet lag, we traveled north to CT!
We had a wonderful time in CT! Catching up with friends, visiting churches, having the opportunity to share with pastors about what God is doing in Washington DC and being encouraged with what God is doing in CT! 

Tired but happy we returned to VA!
Home again in VA

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Cherry Blossoms

In spite of all the weather, early warmth followed by freezing temps and a tornado crossing the DC mall (which required more than 30 trees to be removed), the cherry blossoms still bloomed and were amazingly beautiful!
 We were blessed to join ISC Rockville for their Canal walk and cook out! Although a small fire took out the grill, we all ate well after the brisk walk on a beautiful day!
 In our role of support and encouragement we serve in various practical ways as well as looking to help the leaders solidify the ministry so that it can continue and help people find where they fit well according to their gifts.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Meeting New People

 We recently had the privilege of attending a dinner and game night sponsored by Int'l Students Connections of Rockville, MD.

 It was great to get together with students from Africa, South America, Europe and Asia! We learned some new games and met a group of volunteers that really care about the strangers in our midst.

We were blessed and hope to stay connected with this great group of people.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Starting the New Year

 Last Saturday we had our first team meeting of the year.  The day long event was designed to help us see where we are and where we are going.
 It was amazing to realize that we have grown in number of staff as well as the number of campuses being reached.
 God has been working at connecting us, giving fruitful ideas, and blessing outreaches to students.
 In a short 18 months, through much prayer, we have grown and continue to grow.  Please keep praying for us!

Saturday, November 5, 2016

So much has happened...

 Carol's Mom was 94 years old.  Still living by herself in her home in Falmouth but in increasing need for assistance.  Last May, at the demands of a social worker, Mom yielded to have nursing aide and nursing help. We had visited her in August.  But one of the nurses visiting her weekly suggested "don't wait until October!"  We hurried to get some loose ends cared for in VA and headed up to Cape Cod.
 What we found when we got there was that Mom was failing rapidly.  Our planned week away quickly became 3 weeks.  Our first week there we were involved, along with aides and Hospice, in caring for her needs, a blessed and difficult time.  God gave us so much grace to be and do, although our hearts were breaking.
 Father God also graced us with experiences that encouraged us that He had answered my prayer, and Mom would be with Him when she left us. Then suddenly, she was gone ... Oct 2, 2016 at 9 pm.  Fortunately, Richard had sensed from Father God the need to plan & prepare for a service even before we left VA.  The details came together well and family arrived during the week for a Friday burial and Sat memorial service. We took a week to try to put some things in order before leaving.  It was so hard to do, but again, God gave us amazing grace!
There is sooo much more I could say.  The miracles, the serendipity, the strength to go beyond, the grace to give and love ...He supplied more than we needed.  And I am so grateful. The above photo is my Dad, his brother and my Mom on a chilly November day at the beach they loved.  Now they are together with Jesus enjoying His love and beauty forever. Thank you Jesus!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Raising up new laborers

In spite of everything ... we made it to the training time at Forcey Bible Church in MD.  We were blessed to train up a Gideon's band of laborers for the harvest field here. 

 Richard had re tooled the training and even though we only had 2 hours, there was much accomplished.
Richard will be adjusting the training to fit a new vision for training volunteers in this region.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Pictures speak

 Family photos from our trip west. It was a blessing to be with Josh and his family!  Love them all.  Fun to see how the children, now 5 of them, have grown.

reading time

We visited Richard's sister in Denver while at our staff conference.
Carol's Mom on her 90th birthday 4 years ago. Still happy to be in her own home!