Monday, January 22, 2018

Training Day

 God is amazing! After our friends and supporters started praying the enrollment for our training time went up from 3 to 30 in one short week!
Carol worked the registration table, so there are no photos of Richard teaching this time.

Richard spoke at one church near NOVA Loudoun the Sunday before the training. That church was well represented on Saturday.
Illness did take out a few of our staff and some of the people who pre registered, but those who attended were blessed.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Like the tortoise...

finished pumpkins
SoAmerica, Eastern Europe, Africa & Asia 
We keep reciting to ourselves, do not despise the day of small beginnings.....
We are so blessed to be welcomed by the staff of the English Language program of NOVA Loudoun!  They invited us to join them in the Halloween party.  Each class had a pumpkin to decorate and then they were judged, the winning class to get a pizza party.

 Richard's presence with Conversation Cafe has made a noticable difference for the participants. Slowly we are developing relationships.  It just takes time...
The Winner: The English Monster is eating us!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Lift Off

 We were warmly welcomed at the orientation for students in the accelerated English program.

A week later, Richard spent the day with interested students at our Conversation Cafe.  In the school lounge he met students and introduced them to games.  As they play these games they practice their English pronunciation and learn new vocabulary.
After starting in week one with 2 students, Richard has welcomed 6-8 students from all over the world! Asia, Africa and S.America. We are excited to see how God develops our relationships!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

We have ignition.......!!!!!

 Suddenly, when Richard called the administrator of the intensive ESL program at NOVA-Loudoun, we had ignition!  The administrator was pleased, helpful and excited to have the opportunity for a Conversation Cafe for students to practice English accomplished by volunteers.
 Richard started informing the churches, pastors, and volunteers that had recently stepped forward with interest to reach out to international students.
Now we need help with enough fuel for lift off!
There is a need for people to come forward, be trained and make themselves available for Sept 19th! 
We are also hoping to launch a dinner event on Sept 21st.

We are looking to the Lord of the Harvest for a successful lift off AND mission!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Teamwork: Psalm 133

 One of the exciting things that is happening in the Washington DC area, is that there is more co-operation and teamwork than when we first arrived. There are several pastors groups that have begun in the recent years to focus on teamwork, relationships and reaching DC. As an International Student outreach team we have grown from 2 to 4 to 9 in two years, with several others in the wings preparing to join us.  We have also grown as we are partnering with other campus ministries.

 This growth will allow us to get back to student ministry, hopefully sooner rather than later.  Although Richard is still mobilizer and trainer, he has begun the process of breaking ground to reach  two campuses in Loudoun County.

Science & Technology VA Campus

Please pray with us as we begin finding church support and volunteers to join us in this endeavor.  We are looking for God's strategy for the best way to begin.

Friday, June 23, 2017

There and back again & again

At Beatrix Potters house
Family in the garden

 We did a lot of traveling during May and June.  We enjoyed a vacation in England, our first in many years, visiting son Daniel and his wife Melanie.  We toured a bit as well and got properly tired but happy!

London Bridge

Cambridge American Cemetary
The Jester in Stratford on Avon
International Christian Fellowship
After a brief time to get over jet lag, we traveled north to CT!
We had a wonderful time in CT! Catching up with friends, visiting churches, having the opportunity to share with pastors about what God is doing in Washington DC and being encouraged with what God is doing in CT! 

Tired but happy we returned to VA!
Home again in VA

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Cherry Blossoms

In spite of all the weather, early warmth followed by freezing temps and a tornado crossing the DC mall (which required more than 30 trees to be removed), the cherry blossoms still bloomed and were amazingly beautiful!
 We were blessed to join ISC Rockville for their Canal walk and cook out! Although a small fire took out the grill, we all ate well after the brisk walk on a beautiful day!
 In our role of support and encouragement we serve in various practical ways as well as looking to help the leaders solidify the ministry so that it can continue and help people find where they fit well according to their gifts.