Saturday, March 9, 2019

Volunteer Training

 The DC Regional Team came together in February to offer training to those interested in reaching out to international students.

We were blessed by good attendance at a generous local church where one of our team is now working as staff.
 We are praying that the seeds sown will take root and lead to some volunteers for outreach at Northern Virginia Community College Loudoun campus.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Behind the Scenes

December and January is the season for behind the scenes work and prayer. Time to contact pastors, formerly interested volunteers & students. Time to pray for God's plan for the up coming season of Conversation Cafe. We are currently engaged in 40 days of prayer for the new semester with our DC Region team. Conversation Cafe begins again in February. We are looking forward to it. We have a volunteer training event for our team in Fairfax on February 9th. Hopefully there will be good attendance and some new beginnings for our work at NOVA Loudoun (Northern Virginia Community College=NOVA.). Please join us in praying for God to bring His people to work in this harvest field.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

The Battle continues ...

This semester has been an adventure! We have had great attendance at Conversation Cafe. In September we had a lovely dinner night, in an American host home, followed by English practice in discusing American life style or Bible. Students could choose which option to attend. Of the 11 students attending, 9 chose the Bible option, much to our delight!

Conversation Cafe

Conversation Cafe
 While attendance at Conversation Cafe continues to bless us, the dinners in October &  November  were cancelled due to weather and other issues. A bit disappointing after such a great start.
Dinner Night English Practice with the Bible
Dinner Night English Practice American Culture
The semester for the English classes ends in two weeks. So we will continue to pray and connect with students that we know live "closer" to us.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Beginning a new school year.

We wanted to up date you all, but as Carol usually in the photographer and she has been home recuperating, there are no new photos to share.

 Every Tuesday Richard is on NOVA Loudoun campus offering Conversation Cafe. In this time he (and some volunteers) offer games, like ANOMIA, to help international students improve their English skills between their class times. This opens the doors for relationships and opportunities to invite them to dinner nights and events. We are still in ground breaking mode.

We are awaiting a commitment from the Open Doors Presbyterian church. They are processing their resources and our needs.

This coming week, Oct 2nd, is the dinner where we are launching additional opportunities for conversational English. The students will have 2 choices: one is a topical discussion and one is a Bible based discussion. There is a good amount of interest from the students.  We are praying that Father God will bring many hungry souls.
My recuperation from surgery is side lining me at this point, but i will be home praying.

The next Saturday, Oct 6th, Richard is teaching at our DC area training day for local volunteers. The topic is Spiritual Warfare.

We are thankful to be a part of a growing team here in the DC area. We bless you for your prayers and support.

Monday, August 27, 2018

VA style picnic

 We were blessed to have a picnic to re-connect with some of the students Richard met last semester at NOVA Loudoun.

Our friends from Sterling Park Baptist hosted the event in their home and we all brought food. Our hosts are "famous" for barbecue roast beef, so we were really favored to have them prepare it for us!

 But being VA and summer, we didn't last outside at all. Table games inside were enjoyed by all, and the students from Germany, Taiwan, & So America did an amazing job practicing their English and conquering the rules of the games.
Future engineer at work!

Monday, July 23, 2018

Empowerment: to turn our world right side up! Acts 17:6

view from our hotel room...Pikes Peak!

The prayer room in the new home office
 Our National Staff Conference was in beautiful Colorado Springs this year.  The speakers this year blessed us so much. Bill Lawrence spoke from Jonah each morning. Fred Markert (YWAM) brought us up to date on where we are in world developments and trends. Carol Staubi encouraged us to maximize technology for ministry, especially for Gen Z and Milleniels. Dr Abraham showed us how to reach m*lms. We are still processing all the challenges and encouragement.
Doug Shaw with Richard

Susan Shaw with Carol
 We visited ISI's new home, as we finally have our own building. It is just beautiful and an appropriate way to celebrate 65 years of ministry. Sadly, Doug Shaw announced that he will be retiring as president when a replacement is found. He has brought much to this ministry and made us a family.  To say we will miss him is an understatement. But God has great plans for the future of ISI and we look forward to what He will do.
We are in this picture, near the light on the right...good luck!

Thursday, May 31, 2018

April and May ...

Richard sharing at the Bible Church of Waterbury
 Although not in correct chronological order, these are some of the people we got to see and churches we got to visit in our recent trip to CT.
We had a great time visiting and getting caught up with everyone, praying together and hearing what Father God is doing in your lives!  He is so good, all the time.
Richard sharing at Glastonbury Community Church

Blessed by GCC friends!

Meeting in the middle to catch up.

ICF at UConn

We crossed on the new Tappan Zee bridge!

Meeting new family members!

Besties for a long time.

Our hosts, such a blessing!

We came home totally blessed and totally tired! We had a couple days of rest before son Daniel and his wife Melanie came from England to visit us for 2 weeks.  A super good time, and we miss them terribly as they have returned to "jolly ole England".