Monday, May 12, 2014

The Directors

 Twice a year we have a meeting of the Northeast Region's Directors.  In this get-away time we pray for one another about both personal and ministry needs. Over the years this group has come together as friends and co-laborers.  We have studied books on leadership as our Regional Field Director, Natasha Hope, has schooled us in how to work as a team, how to lead our various teams, and she has encouraged us in our sharing of information & experiences.
 This latest meeting included the task of preparing the region for a change of leadership.  After 13+ years of serving as our Regional Field Director, Natasha is stepping aside.  She feels strongly that she has taken us as far as she can and has completed her task of team building.  We all have benefited from her love, encouragement and enthusiasm and are sad to  see her step aside. 
We are blessed that Dave Larson, one of us, will be taking on the role of RFD .  His gifts and talents will take us further "down the road" in accomplishing our goal of loving & serving international students and seeing full cycle evangelism take place.