Thursday, January 23, 2014

It doesn't end here ...

We love to connect students to American friends.  Everyone benefits and life long friendships are often the result.  Of course, we always hope and pray that our friends will embrace our best friend, Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, but that doesn't always happen.  Nevertheless, we still make wonderful friendships that we cherish all our lives.  We know so many stories of students finishing their degrees, going home AND THEN, discovering their best friend!  The following is one of the most recent:          
> Can I tell you an exciting thing I just heard this morning?
> Our friend Fred, who we met two years ago while he was studying here in the US, returned to Thailand this summer.  We've been praying for him, and when he left prayed that God would continue to draw him and open his eyes.  Well he just sent a message that he was just baptized yesterday in Thailand!
> God is moving.  It's true.  And this reminds me that it is God who works.  We can host Bible studies and explain who Jesus is - but it is His work that pierces hearts and opens blind eyes to see and understand the mystery of salvation.
> We have had a great semester of encountering hungry hearts, searching and eyes opening to the Gospel.  So as we're finishing a semester - lets turn to God in prayer to ask the Lord to do a mighty work in the hearts and minds of the students that we've been in contact with.

So do not be discouraged in doing the right thing.  Even when we do not see the results we expect or hope for in our time or way, God is faithful!  He brings forth the fruit in the right season. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Holiday Reflections

It is after the holidays ... time to rest up from merry making, present wrapping and unwrapping, cooking and eating, and people-ing.  We enjoyed it all this year.  We have much for which to give thanks.  We were blessed with family visits and we blessed others by being visiting family.  We traveled many miles in safety, no small feat considering the weather.  We ate lots of good food and enjoyed the company of many good friends.  We received many good gifts!

 Perhaps the best gift of all was hearing an international student friend share her enthusiasm for the gift of peace she has received from Jesus!  In sharing a conversation with a relative in her home country she told us "I believe in God, I believe in Jesus, and now I have peace."  And so we rejoiced with her and the angels rejoiced with us too! Truly this is the best expression of the "reason for the season"!