Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Is this the real God?

When we first got involved with international student ministry at UConn many years ago, we were so blessed to see God actively working in supernatural ways. Over the years, we have been excited to see several different students receive physical healings that opened their hearts to Jesus.  One student, motivated by seeing God work supernaturally, laid her hands on a broken scientific instrument she needed to use for her research and God repaired it.
Most recently a student from a country that is atheistic asked "How can I know that this God you are teaching about is the real God?"  So, Richard asked "Are you still having pain?"
"Yes," she nodded.
After receiving permission to pray with her we agreed with Jesus command to heal the sick (Luke 10:8-20; Matt 10:7,8).  Richard spoke healing and told the pain to leave in Jesus name.  Her eyes opened wide with surprise and delight AND her heart opened to the revelation ... this is the real God!

(I have abbreviated the story and left out some details to protect the student).