Thursday, December 4, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

We count our blessings!

 Over the years we have counted our blessings in many ways.  There is the song, "Count your blessings, name them one by one.  Count your blessings, see what God has done.".
 When our children were young we added THE Count from Sesame St  "von, von new blessing; two, two new blessings, hahaha..." .  One year we counted 5 Thanksgiving dinners withing a 3 week period; dinners with international students at different churches, ICF, with family on the Cape and here in CT.  We had tacos for Christmas that year!

Master Carver

 We learned from a favorite radio program how to play "The God Hunt", an "I spy" like game.  Every time we saw God at work in, through or for us we called it a sighting.  It really helped improve our God eye sight and was great fun as well.

Stuffing the bird
Enjoying labor's fruit

This year we were doubly blessed, Thanksgiving in VA with Abby & Nick, and Dan & Mel and two weeks later Thanksgiving in CT with an international gang of old & new friends from Kenya, Iran, & China!  We took time between courses to share one thing each is thankful for. It was a special time for us all, and another reason to give thanks and count our blessings.