Monday, July 23, 2018

Empowerment: to turn our world right side up! Acts 17:6

view from our hotel room...Pikes Peak!

The prayer room in the new home office
 Our National Staff Conference was in beautiful Colorado Springs this year.  The speakers this year blessed us so much. Bill Lawrence spoke from Jonah each morning. Fred Markert (YWAM) brought us up to date on where we are in world developments and trends. Carol Staubi encouraged us to maximize technology for ministry, especially for Gen Z and Milleniels. Dr Abraham showed us how to reach m*lms. We are still processing all the challenges and encouragement.
Doug Shaw with Richard

Susan Shaw with Carol
 We visited ISI's new home, as we finally have our own building. It is just beautiful and an appropriate way to celebrate 65 years of ministry. Sadly, Doug Shaw announced that he will be retiring as president when a replacement is found. He has brought much to this ministry and made us a family.  To say we will miss him is an understatement. But God has great plans for the future of ISI and we look forward to what He will do.
We are in this picture, near the light on the right...good luck!